Aku Trekker Lite Iii Gore Tex Review

Are you looking for a reliable and durable outdoor shoe to take you on any terrain? The AKU Trekker Lite III GoreTex is the perfect choice! So what makes this boot stand out amongst its competitors? You reach the correct place and your search will end here.

Outdoor activities require specialized footwear that can endure long and challenging hikes or day excursions in United Kingdom. You need shoes that provide comfort, grip and durability while being able to handle mud, rain and snow.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast in need of reliable hiking boots for your adventurous trips, the AKU Trekker Lite II GTX is suitable choice. This article will cover all the features of these boots so you can make an informed purchase. To know more info with reviews read below.

AKU Trekker Lite Iii GTX Wide EU 41

Product description:

  • Evolution of the Trekker Lite II model, its shape inspired by the Tengu Lite model.
  • Robust and light, ideal for day excursions.
  • Available for male and female.
  • High level of comfort and breathability.
  • UPPER:Mixed leather/textile.
  • Lining description : Gore Tex Performance Comfort.
  • Sole : Vibram Curcuma.

Aku Trekker Lite III GTX is a versatile, light weight and waterproof hiking boot designed for people who enjoy outdoor activities. The gore tex performance comfort with a breathable gtx membrane to keep your feet dry from water and snow in a tough condition. They also feature a dew shield to prevent the formation of condensation on the inside of the boot.

The Trekker Lite III shoe made by hand and is highly customizable as it can adjust to fit your foot and adapt in every situation.

The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX provides a high level of comfort and breathability paired with the ability to withstand rugged outdoor terrain. This pair of shoes used to keep you safe and secure while hiking through muddy or snowy trails, as well as prepared for activities that involve walking on uneven surfaces. EVA midsole for cushioning and shock absorption.

The lightweight and agile design keeps you from tiring from carrying a heavy boot on your backpacking, which is essential item for any activity involving long distances. Compared to the other boots in this category, the AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is relatively affordable, completing your outdoor activities without breaking the bank.

The design of the shoe makes it incredibly convenient for traveling because you can easily and quickly change from one activity to another. These shoes are great for daily use, and can worn for many different hobbies.

The main material in this aku trekker lite III GTX boot is high durability mesh which makes it resistant to tearing and ripping from outdoor activities.

The Aku Trekker lite III boots has a wide European size range from 35-47 including half sizes. This makes it available to a width range of customers. The life expectancy of the shoe is between 12-15 years, which means you will be able to use your boots for extended periods without having to replace them.

GTX Membrane

GTX Membrane

The waterproof GTX membrane keeps your feet dry by preventing water from entering the shoe when walking through puddles or snow. The dew shield on the boots ankle will also prevent condensation from building up inside the shoe when temperatures rise and cool down again.

The non-slip soles features an advanced tread pattern that reduces slipping when climbing or descending terrain. These soles can replaced to customize the fit of the shoe, but replacement is recommended only when absolutely necessary as it can cause damage to the shoe.

EVA Midsole

EVA Midsole

The EVA midsole consists of a layer of nylon with an internal structure made from microporous material. This EVA midsole feature provides maximum forefoot sensitivity and effectiveness for movement and overload, as well as optimal shock absorption for a more comfortable shoe.

Upper Sole


The upper sole uses a PU film that welded to a top layer of PU leather and molded to the EVA midsole. This material provides breathability and durability for all-day use without losing its shape. The Lined suede leather included on the shoe’s ankle, making it water-resistant but not completely waterproof.

Excellent Traction

Excellent Tracktion

The outsole of aku trekker lite III GTX made with a non-slip rubbersole, which was specifically designed to fit the shape of the shoe. When walking over uneven terrain, the shoe conforms to the surface for more efficient balance. This outsole material will resist wear and tear even after years of heavy use. The traction pattern on this sole designed to have enhanced grip on slippery or wet surfaces.

Double Density

Double Density

The aku trekker lite III gtx boot also features a dual density medium soles which provides cushioning and shock absorption. This ensures that your foots stay comfortable even on long hikes or journeys.



The insole of the aku trekker lite iii boots are designed with cushioning foam which provides comfort and support for your foot during long hikes . The insole also features an anti-microbial treatment which helps to keep your foots fresh and odor-free. Robust and lightweight, its ideal for daily excursions. High level of comfort and breathability.

Outsole: Vibram Curcuma

Vibram Curcuma

The Vibram outsole is made double density die cut EVA lasting board (stiffness 6-4 mm. Includes Nylon + EVA Microporosa (medium). Custom Fit Soft is available in men’s sizes ranging from UK 6 to 15 and weighs 570 gr. per half pair. 977W Trekker Lite III Wide GTX.

Wide Sole Version

Wide Sole Version

The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is also available in a wide sole version which provides extra stability and support for those with width feet. Your feet are well-protected but you lose some trail feel and precision as a result.

Tengu Lite Model

Lite Model

The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is also available in a Tengu Lite model which is designed for fast and light hikes. This version features a lite weight upper and a Vibram sole for superior grip and traction. Inspired by the Tengu, Aku Trekker Lite III GTX is one of the most trekking category shoes.

Solid Option

The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is a solid option for any outdoor enthusiast or daily excursions who wants to stay comfortable and dry during all of their adventures. These walking boots provide protection and comfort, while also being lightweight enough to make them great travel companions. They are available in a wide range of sizes, making them ideal for any outdoor enthusiast regardless of foot size or shape.

Suede Leather

The suede on the boots above is made of a breathable and durable material that is resistant to mold, mildew and decay. The leather on this shoe also has an extended heel feature, which provides you with more protection when walking downhill.

Final Word

The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable and durable outdoor footwear. With its Vibram sole, GTX membrane and combination of leather and synthetic materials. This walking boots will provide you with comfort, grip and protection on any terrain of the world. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just starting out. The AKU Trekker Lite III GTX is an excellent choice for your outdoor adventures.

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Comfortable and durable leather and synthetic material combination

Wide fit for those with wide feet and extra stability

Includes a GTX membrane for waterproof protection and breathability

Upper is made of a lite weight leather material combined with synthetic materials

Dual density EVA midsole provides cushioning and shock absorption to ensure that your feet stay comfortable even on long hikes or journeys.


The boot runs small

This item may be too narrow for some wearers

Available local sizing may be unavailable in some countries

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