Best Trekking Poles for Hunting – Top 17 Picks

As the season for hunting comes to a close, it is important to be aware of how your treks were managed this past year. If you are going hunting again this season, you might want to invest in some quality trekking poles.

Trekking pole are the number one piece of shooting stick used by hunters all over the world. They are extremely useful, especially when you are trying to hike through the thick woods on a rainy day during hunting season. They allow you to walk with long strides while they also help you control your environment.

There are a lot of poles on the market, but not all of them will be perfect for you. Some poles are not made well, others are too complicated to use and still others feel really cheap in your hands. Do not buy just any old pole, you should buy one that is made by a reputable company and one that is durable and easy to use. Here we compile 17 of the best hiking poles for hunting currently on the market.

17 Best Trekking Poles for Hunting with Reviews

1. YIRENZUI Folding Carbon Aluminum Trekking Poles

YIRENJUI Folding Carbon Aluminum Trekking Poles are the best trekking poles for hunting. They are lightweight and compact, but also strongest and sturdy. They are a good choice for walkers who want something lightweight, ergonomic, and durable enough to handle most of their trail adventures. These features make them perfect for hunting in all weather conditions, with or without snow.

These poles come with an adjustable telescopic design, ranging from 70-120 cm (28-47 inches). They are made of certified high-grade aluminum alloy and are strongest enough to support up to 160 lbs of weight, making them an ideal choice for serious backcountry hunter looking for dependable and durable categories equipment. The most folding poles offer a good balance of strength and weight savings, ideal for hardy outdoor pursuits like hunting. Despite being made from high-quality materials, these poles weigh in under one pound, making them incredibly portable and easy to use.

YIRENJUI’s foldable carbon fiber pole offers a convenient dual-grip design for comfort and have dark colors ideal for hunters looking to blend in with the environment while also enjoying their attractive appearance. The poles have a quick locking mechanism system that let you adjust the length adjustment and a stabilizing backpack shoulder harness, plus an adjustable wrist strap that allows you to use the poles with gloves on.

2. HAYNAH Ultralight Telescopic Carbon Fiber Trekking Pole

HAYNAH Ultralight Telescopic Carbon Poles have versatility options for another best trekking poles for hunting. They are the lightest treekking poles and sturdy, making them great value for challenging anything on trail. Their carbon fiber material makes them ideal for rough outdoor conditions. The length of these poles is adjustable from 55-115 cm (22-45 inches). Their telescoping design makes it easy to adjust their usable length depending on your needs. The poles have padded foam handles that make them comfortable, but they will not slip even with wet hands. They also have a wrist strap for added safety and comfort.

Besides being length adjustment, the HAYNAH Ultralight Telescopic Carbon trekking poles are also foldable. This makes them easy to carry and store. They weigh less than a pound (less than 400 grams). Despite its lite weight frame, they can support weights up to 220 lbs. This makes them a good option for the avid hunter who wants something slightly heavier, but fit inside and sturdy enough to support their weight.

Whether you’re backpack, hiking, or just taking a leisurely stroll, this camping essential is the ideal outdoor gift for your hiking gear.

3. JAOSHA Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

JAOSHA Carbon Poles is a lightweight, carbon fiber best trekking poles that is designed versatility specifically for trail running and other outdoors activities. It is super lightweight yet sturdy enough to take on your toughest excursions.

From top to bottom this pole weighs only 300 grams which makes it easy to carry and use. This pole is perfect for hikers. Made of 6061 aluminum (much like the one found in boat running gear) this carbon trekking poles are durable and able to take any kind of terrain you throw at it. The pole end is made with a micro-adjustment knob, this allows you for adjusting the length of the pole to your needs.

The flat tip design of this pole is great for those who like hiking uphill because it allows you to maintain a lower center of gravity and has less friction when walking. This makes it perfect for those who tend to get winded on long hikes.

Overall, this carbon fiber trekking pole is a great buy for any hiker and works as well on trails as it does when hiking in the city.

4. Sicunang Carbon Fiber External Quick Lock Trekking Pole

The Sicunang Carbon Fiber External Quick Lock Trekking Pole is a replacement for the commonly used hiking stick, which is often used to improve the stability and increase traction of hikers. With light weight carbon fiber body material, this product can quickly locking system at any time. The ergonomic grip design can enhance the grip, which reduces hand fatigue when walking. It has a 2-year warranty and comes in Black with silver color lever locks button, black with gold color lock button and white with silver color lock button.

The quick lock can be easily locked and unlocked, which can be easily operated. A small button will automatically lever locks the cane and quickly unlock when the button is pressed. The steel nib of the cane is made of tungsten, and after repeated wear it is not easy to damage. The ergonomic and non-slip grip design provides enough comfort for users when hiking or climbing.

5. LEKI MCT Vario 12 Carbon Trekking Poles

The Leki Micro Vario Carbon Women (MCT12) are great poles. They are super lightweight, but it is not so light that they feel too flimsy. They have a good grip and they adjusts to whatever different lengths you need without leaving any marks on the trail or your clothing.

The Leki micro vario carbon stick do not rub on your forearm because they stay in place well and the trigger cross grip is very comfortable. The poles have a good, solid feel. The shape is better than most poles that are just an S-shape. That helps a lot. The design is not complex and it is easy to figure out. The price is reasonable for the quality poles. If you are looking for a pair of leki micro vario carbon walking poles that are save weight, strong and easy to adjustment, this is the pair for you. The bonus tip kit is composed of snow baskets, rubber tips, boot tips, mud baskets, and a clip for easy carrying around.

6. N/H 2 Pack Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The N/H 2 Pack are another best trekking poles manufactured to be lite weight and resilient. Yet they’re also designed to be durable and sturdy. Made of 100% carbon, their design is built upon the latest advancements in material science. The result is a pair that weighs only 17.2 ounces, even without the included accessories.

The N/H 2 Pack Carbon Poles are incredibly light weight. They’re also incredibly durable, withstanding the rigors of active hiking and backpacking trip. Each pair is designed to withstand even the most challenging hikes or backpacking trips. They’re also extremely shock-absorbent, reducing the impact on joints by as much as 40%. This makes them ideal for hikers who are prone to fall or wrist injuries, such as those who have RSI issues.

7. YIRENZUI Folding Carbon Aluminum Alloy Trekking Poles

The YIRENZUI trekking pole is an optimal cross-country ski pole for walking, hiking, hunting and general outdoor recreation. It is well-made of high-quality poles aluminum alloy, durable and tough, light weight and strong yet stiff.

The aluminum alloy used in the YIRENZUI trekking sticks have been optimized to ensure high durability and resistance to corrosion while maintaining its lightness. The Yirenzui Trekking pole is so well balanced that it feels like you are not even holding a pole. The wrist strap is soft, adjustable to fit all size wrists, and comfortable to wear for long distances.

The YIRENZUIS’ patented quick-lock system allows for fast and convenient adjustments. When the need arises, such as when climbing or descending, the lock can be adjusted quickly and easily. It can be locked down to a point on its length that is desired. The system ensures stability so the pole remains in place and does not shift or fall out of the way.

8. LEKI Makalu FX Carbon AS

The LEKI Makalu FX Carbon AS Trekking Pole offers trekkers the best possible grip, making them easy to control during the most demanding hikes. These poles feature a very reliable and comfortable extendable locking mechanisms. You can rely on these poles to be there for you no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The LEKI Makalu FX Carbon AS Trekking Poles are made of 7075 high-strength aluminum alloy, which is super light and provides both excellent strength as well freedom of movement. The poles are equipped with Speed Lock 2+ locking mechanism, this makes it easier to adjust and lock the poles, even when wearing gloves. You can adjusts them easily and quickly without the need for tools.

The leki range of trekking poles are ideal for all types of terrain whether on the trails, in the mountains or exploring the stunning Outdoors. The snow baskets are designed to provide extra stability in soft rock or mud.

9. Leki Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

The Leki Carbon Fiber Poles are the perfect choice for hunters who need a light weight and user friendly trekking pole. The shafts provide vibration dampening, reduced weight, and high strength. The SpeedLock 2 lever-lock system provides maximum holding power to prevent accidental pole length collapse. The Trigger Shark 2.0 Grip combined with the Trigger Shark 2.0 Frame Mesh Strap will help you acquire an optimized Nordic Walking technique.

The Rubber handles fitness traction tip provides a sure-footed bite and tremendous power transfer on hard surfaces, while the Carbide tips is ideal for off-roading and winter conditions. The Micro Basket helps reduce pole carbon fiber shafts leverage when tip is placed in tight restrictions.

10. LEKI Ultratrail FX One Superlite

If you’re searching for a dependable trekking pole, the Leki Ultratrail FX One Superlite Trekking Poles would be an ideal selection. Easy to deploy and heavy packs away due to its adjustable length and handy quick-release mechanism, this pole provides secure grip with its Shark Frame Strap Mesh. The Push-button release action makes it quick to bring out and store when not being used. Utilizing high modular carbon that is lite weight and rigid for ultimate swing figure of speech, plus a extra weight trail running tip that promises traction on many surfaces, this pole also contains air channels as well as an adjustable length which gives better stability while in nature and benefits you economically too. Although it’s not always necessary, a longer, telescoping pole can be helpful when going down steep mountains.

11. LEKI Makalu FX Carbon

The Speed Lock 2+ assists with quick customization of the pole length even with gloves on. Its modestly sized collapsed length makes it particularly suitable for squeezing into tight spots. Having a reliable trekking pole is essential when hiking on steep terrain with heavy loads. The bonus tip kit includes snow baskets, boot tips, mud baskets and a clip for convenient transport.

12. Black Diamond Alpine Carbon ZZ Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond trail Alpine Carbon ZZ trekking poles are some of the strongest and lightest trekking poles on the market. The 100% carbon fiber shaft is incredibly lightweight, yet still provides superior strength. The soft-touch grip top with natural EVA foam handles grip extension provide comfort each other and support while trekking. The optimized joint support and stiffness ensure increased durability, while the fusion comfort strap provides premium support.

The Z-pole fixed length construction with speed-cone deployment makes for easy setup and take down. Trekking Poles for Backcountry Hunting by black diamond When it comes to backcountry hunting, having the right gear is essential. Black diamond traill trekking poles are an important piece of equipment that can help you stay safe and comfortable while on the hunt. Black Diamond Distance Z walking poles are great hiking poles to use while hunting. The black diamond distance z walking sticks have a 3-section design that can be adjusted from 25 inches up to 54 inches.

13. Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Trail Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles for hunting are made from carbon and aluminum, making them body weight but strong. The guides adjust easily with a flick of the wrist and there are holsters for stored poles which helps in carrying the poles efficiently. They have an inverted design which means the pole doesn’t twist when used in sleeper trail. Black diamond are also built for winter use, being ski-compatible due to their aluminum extensions.

Interchangeable carbide tip make it easy to use the poles in different terrains. For using eva foam grip they are comfortable when used for multiple hours and their handle doesn’t heat up with extended use. The black diamond trail walking sticks have a comfortable cork handles which is extremely comfortable.

14. Black Diamond W’s ALP Carbon Cork Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Trail W’s ALP Carbon Cork trekking poles are the classic model and one of the best trekking poles on the market. The poles have a cork for extra comfort and protection, as well as an ergonomic handle shape that provides comfort and improved control.

The removable height-adjustable kit includes a very lite gear loft with single-screw quick-locking lever adjustment. Black diamond trekking poles are also very lite, weighing in at only 234 grams with wrist straps. While they are a bit on the expensive side compared to some of the other poles options on this list, they are a fantastic investment for hunting. The Black Diamond trail poles pair are specially designed so they can be used to support the Black Diamond Distance Tent poles.

15. Black Diamond Alpine Flz Z Aluminum Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Z Aluminum Trekking Poles are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for hunting. The Slide Lock technology makes it easy to adjust the pole length, while the natural cork grip provides comfort and breathability. The black diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles come with enhanced locking mechanisms and added joint support on the upper shaft material.

With cutting edge design and outstanding materials, the Black Diamond trail Alpine Flz Z hunting trekking poles have an affordable price tag. The trekking poles pair consist of three sections constructed from 6061 aluminum construction with anodized coating for toughness. As opposed to eva foam grips, their natural cork grip provide a secure hand grips. Black diamond pole is also furnished with dual-density top and wicking, breathable strap. Wrist straps give extra support and increased control. At 1.06 lb. or 500 g, they aren’t terribly heavy pack and offer maximum comfort while in use. It can bend upto 45 degree angle.

16. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Trail Trekking Poles

The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Pole is one of the lightest and best carbon running pole. It features a lightweight carbon shaft, fixed length construction and minimal hand grips extension with a breathable moisture-wicking strap.

The mid aluminum shaft ring is the most distinctive feature of the Black Diamond Distance Carbon z Pole pair; the circle is less than an inch in diameter and it provides excellent balance for precise form during running. The Thumb Loop has enough reach to support the rest of glove on your hand.

A very important factor to keep in mind is the control of sticks while carrying them. The black diamond distance z carbon Trail Trekking Pole has an excellent foam grip which is firm but not too strong. The Black Diamond poles are designed with an accessory ready feature that allows them to be used as tent poles for the Black Diamond Distance z Tent.

17. Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles

The Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles are a great choice for trekker looking for a lightweight, durable and adjustable trekking pole. The cork grip material provides comfort and the quick flick lock system makes it easy to adjust the perfect height of the poles. The bonus tip kit is also a nice addition, giving you all the accessories you need to get started.

This cascade mountain ski poles are made of 100% carbon, making them lightweight and strong. The pair adjustable height range of 26”- 54” makes it easy to customize the poles for your needs. The tungsten carbide tech tips provide extra comfortable grip material on slippery surfaces and the adjustable wrist straps make it comfortable to carry. The bottom line of the stick is very nice. It comes with a snow basket.

With cork grips, adjustable height, and a bonus tip kit, the Cascade Mountain Tech Trekking Poles are an excellent choice for any hunter.

Frequenly Asked Quesitons

Do hunters use trekking poles?

Yes, hunters are using trekking poles to provide balance, support, and extra power when trekking through rough terrain. They help to reduce impact on your joints, while providing stability in slippery. Trekking poles can also be used to support rifle stands and carry game back to camp. That is especially crucial when trekking on steep terrains with heavy loads and relying on your trekking pole.

Which is stronger carbon fiber or aluminum trekking poles?

Carbon trekking poles are generally considered to be stronger and more durable than aluminum poles. Carbon fibers are lightweight material that is incredibly strong and resistant to wear and tear. It also absorb shock better than aluminum, making it ideal for use in rough terrain. Carbon trekking poles are also more expensive than aluminum, but they offer superior performance and durability.

What is the difference between a walking pole and a trekking pole?

The main difference between a walking pole and a trekking pole is the design. Hiking poles are typically designed for everyday use, such as walking or hiking on flat terrain. They are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass and have a single tip at the end. Trekking poles, on the other hand, are designed for more rugged terrain and feature two tips at the end. The two tips provide extra comfort and grip on slippery surfaces. Trekking poles are also usually adjustable, allowing you to customize the height for your needs.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive trekking poles?

The difference between cheap and expensive trekking poles is mainly in the materials used and the features offered. Cheap trekking poles are usually made of aluminum, which is lightweight but not as strong or durable as more expensive materials such as carbon like montem ultra strong trekking stick. You might check nordic walking poles or montem ultra strong sticks. They also tend to have fewer features such as adjustable height, cork grips, or quick locking mechanism systems. Expensive trekking poles are usually made of higher quality materials and offer more features, making them a better choice for serious trekkers.

Final Thoughts

 As you can see, there are a lot of different choices available when it comes to trekking poles. It can be overwhelming to decide which trekking poles are best for your needs, so we hope that our guide helps narrow down the list with review. Although these are the most expensive poles on our list, they still won’t let you down.

Most of the trekking poles featured in this articles are designed for hunting, with a few exceptions. A couple of the best products were designed specifically for hunting and they are excellent choices if you are looking for a specialized solution. This features that can help you pick out the best trekking poles for backcountry hunting.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure that your trekking poles are durable, lightweight, easy to adjust and comfortable to use. This will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience when out on the field. Leave a comment with your email address. Happy hike!

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